SANTIAGO, Chile — They killed Tony the Tiger. They did away with Cheetos’ Chester Cheetah.

They banned Kinder Surprise, the chocolate eggs with a hidden toy.

The Chilean government, facing skyrocketing rates of obesity, is waging war on unhealthy foods with a phalanx of marketing restrictions, mandatory packaging redesigns and labeling rules aimed at transforming the eating habits of 18 million people.

Nutrition experts say the measures are the world’s most ambitious attempt to remake a country’s food culture, and could be a model for how to turn the tide on a

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Waiting to Treat the Cancer

My patient had first come to us two years earlier from another hospital, where he had been admitted with back pain so severe it prevented him from walking.

CT scans revealed a mass near his spinal cord, a biopsy of which showed lymphoblastic leukemia — essentially a “solid” form of the cancer we normally find in the bone marrow. It is a particularly aggressive tumor, and we knew we’d need to complete his evaluation and start chemotherapy immediately if we had any chance of eliminating it.

It was summer, and when I walked into his hospital room to greet him for the first time, he was wearing a Cleveland Indians jersey and hat.

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A Brain Implant Improved Memory, Scientists Report

Scientists have developed a brain implant that noticeably boosted memory in its first serious test run, perhaps offering a promising new strategy to treat dementia, traumatic brain injuries and other conditions that damage memory.

The device works like a pacemaker, sending electrical pulses to aid the brain when it is struggling to store new information, but remaining quiet when it senses that the brain is functioning well.

In the test, reported Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, the device improved word recall by 15 percent — roughly the amount that Alzheimer’s disease steals over two and half years.

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Lift Weights, Eat More Protein, Especially if You’re Over 40

People who would like to become physically stronger should start with weight training and add protein to their diets, according to a comprehensive scientific review of research.

The review finds that eating more protein, well past the amounts currently recommended, can significantly augment the effects of lifting weights, especially for people past the age of 40. But there is an upper limit to the benefits of protein, the review cautions.

On the other hand, any form of protein is likely to be effective, it concludes, not merely high-protein shakes and supplements. Beef, chicken, yogurt and even protein from peas or quinoa could help us to build larger and stronger muscles.

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